We’re fluent in about twenty programming languages what makes us polyglots of the future. Thanks to our expertise and enagagement in digital industry, we create innovative products that give rhythm to state-of-the-art technology. Following the hottest trends in development, electronics, robotics and design, we focus on implementing the most functional and visually stunning solutions. We cross the borders of imagination, combining the real and virtual world. Want to update your business? Contact us and we’ll do it for you!

Searching for a mindblowing WOW visual WOW effect? You’re in the right place! Our experienced graphic designers will show you that impossible is nothing. We take care of every tiny detail and make sure that your company stands out with its unique and coherent visual identity. And guess what? Good logotype and engaging website really do the trick! Apart from branding, we also deal with 3D reality taking modeling, visualisations and animations to a higher level.

web design

We do it our own way! From deep analysis of your needs, through staged research, creative design process to the new technologies employment. Why make all this effort? To deliver the ultimate product that will satisfy even the most demanding consumer and let your business flourish. We’re adept at creating innovative websites, intuitive web and mobile apps for Android and iOS, server software configuration, hardware firmware development, data mining, systems management and integration. The uniqueness of our projects stems from our outstanding skills and effective communication. We do the impossible by avoiding the convention.

software house

Robotics and automation aren’t just concepts for us. We build single board computers and do mircales with both analogue and digital electronics. Need a dedicated autonomic system? No worries, we’re masters of injecting life into raw materials. But that’s not all - we can also help you with electrical engineering, multimedia and other up-to-date solutions.


we do things FOR & WITH

we are realPEOPLE


IT fiend generously endowed with impeccable skill at electronic circuit design, PCB projects and needless to say - at programming. He combined his passion and devotion to technology with business and communication skills to become the father and executive force of Hummingbird. The leader of the victorious team at the very first edition of AGHacks hackaton and the cocreator of student Mars exploration rover. His grandma still thinks ‘he’s just playing on the computer’.


The code guru with nearly 10 year experience in the field. Full stack web developer that had been communicating with his mother using binary numbers long before his birth. As a thirteen-year-old he built his first computer with LEGO bricks and as fully grown-up code warrior he constructed a tank, laser shooting to the insolvable problems.

frontend developerKAMIL

Web developer and network addict. Although he hates tomatoes, red is his favourite colour bringing back the blissful hours spent cheering on Manchester United team. When turning lines of code into visual masterpieces he fills his ears with highly contagious oldschool hip-hop.

3D graphic designerBARTEK

Graphic design veteran who has been dabbling in 3D, motion design, VFX and animation for the last twenty years. When nobody is watching he snuggles up with the love of his life - the cutest dog of the graphic universe named Sonia.

feel like working TOGETHER?

We’re open to inspiring ideas! Since we treat every single project as a new challenge and adventure, feel free to come to us even with the most ridiculous concept. Drop us a line at hi@hummingbird.pl or grab your phone and call at +48 535 603 568 to meet up!